On her 16th birthday, Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter celebrates the fact that she has succeeded despite the fact that “the odds were stacked against” her…

Anna Nicole Smith enjoyed a colorful and eventful life that was also marred by scandal. She was blessed with the delivery of two lovely children, but her son lost tragically only a few short days after his sister was brought into the world. Smith insisted that the medical examiners do a second autopsy on her … Read more

Bella was only supposed to sing a small part of “Kill the Lights” with Luke, but she stole the show by singing the whole song

Luke Bryan is a global country music sensation. He has 21 number-one hits and has played in front of over 1.5 million spectators. Luke, on the other hand, has not allowed his accomplishments to inflate his ego. He remains committed to his followers, who have contributed to his success. In every concert, Luke takes an … Read more

With her blond hair and blue eyes, she was making waves in Hollywood

Kathleen Turner rose to prominence during the early ’80s and became a sex symbol adored by many. However, her appearance changed drastically over the years and she no longer resemble her older self.   During her successful career, Turner starred alongside the likes of Steve Martin, Michael Douglas and Jack Nicholson, but today, many can’t … Read more

Brigitte Bardot is 88 years old now and she looks great

Women were so beautiful back before the days of Botox and breast implants – just take Brigitte Bardot as a perfect example. The French actress and singer shot to fame in Europe during the 1950s – but Brigitte was embraced in America as well. After she bowed out of the limelight, she invested her money in … Read more

Verne Troyer as “Mini-Me”: Inside his tragic last years

After appearing as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers film franchise, Verne Troyer became a star. The actor was born with a rare form of dwarfism known as cartilage-hair hypoplasia, but though he wasn’t like most others around him, he didn’t let it affect him or his dreams. Instead, he used it to his advantage and inspired people … Read more