Unbelievable! The Euphrates River Dried Up And This Mysterious Tunnel Appeared

The Euphrates is Western Asia’s longest river and is considered to be one of the rivers with the greatest historical significance. This river was extremely important to the ancient world in many different ways, including the way people lived their lives. Now, the prediction that the Euphrates River will eventually dry up has become a reality; in fact, this is now taking place. The drying up of the Euphrates River has coincided with the discovery of many old artifacts, and even these discoveries have horrified people all around the world. In a video that was uploaded not too long ago, a guy can be seen demonstrating the precipitous decline in water level in the Euphrates River.

Only in the most recent few years has the water in the river nearly completely evaporated. In addition, the man demonstrated an ancient tunnel that leads to the underworld and has an almost flawless building structure. It even has stairs that are set in an orderly fashion and have survived to the present day. But what really takes the cake is the question of who built all of this.
Some people believe that this is a relic from ancient times that has been maintained until modern times. On the other hand, there is a widespread belief among the natives that the tunnel goes to a place where angels are held captive. According to the Bible, more specifically Revelation 9:14, which makes mention of it.

“Saying to the sixth angel who possessed the trumpet, Loosen the four angels who are bound in the vast river Euphrates,”