A dying woman bids her 26-year-old parrot farewell, and the bird’s response has everyone in tears.

The majority of organisms experience pain, not only humans. Sinbad, an African Gray parrot, spent 25 years with the human, and their final departure was captured on film, which is now becoming viral online.

Anyone who has adopted a pet can attest to the fact that grief is not just a human emotion. Particularly dogs are renowned for displaying their distress in ways that are remarkably similar to human behavior.

Felines also cry, although they do so in an even more subdued and stoic way.No matter what kind of animal, a person and their pet share a special bond.

When the daily world around them ends, they handle the transition period very much like us. Losing a partner is challenging, even when the other creature is an adversary in the wild.

A bulldog was seen in a viral video bemoaning the misfortune of his guinea pig pal. Despondency among animals can be found everywhere in the wild.

Elephants protect their offspring. Everyone congregates to participate in mourning rituals when an elephant dies.

People can easily detect the distress in a scurrying partner. However, birds can also deal with stress.

The more time they spent with the deceased person, the harder the time they had during the rearranging process.

The most cunning parrots are known to exist, and African Grays are by far the most cunning. Their life expectancy is around 50 years, which suggests that they can live as long as some people.

Since birds consider their people to be essential to their herd, it might be difficult to rehome them.

They are disturbed when they are removed from the herd. Whether a member of the group departs or passes incessantly, parrots find it exceedingly difficult to cope with the loss of that individual.

They may engage in aggressive behavior, display signs of hopelessness, and stop eating.Some parrots in fact need to be prescribed antidepressants after a traumatic experience.

Every now and then, veterinarians will suggest Prozac for birds. Similar recovery processes that people go through must also be experienced by parrots.

An African Gray parrot named Sinbad lived with his human companion for 25 years. Their final parting was captured on camera, and the clip is quickly becoming a viral phenomenon.

The woman is laying in a bed at an emergency room and Sinbad tenderly lays on her arm. He handles her with caution, evidently aware that she is wilting. Although parrots can be annoying, Sinbad is unusually sensitive.